Case Studies

UX/UI Design

On this project I was tasked with improving the 'Pay a Bill' flow with the aim of increasing customer engagement with this feature.

UX/UI Design
Personalising the experience on the Real Times app

Real Times is a mobile app that aims to provide public transport users with up-to date departure information around Ireland.

UX/UI Design
Personalising the experience on the Real Times app
Improving athlete to physio communication for effective recovery

RecoveR mobile app both helps athletes and physios to analyse performance, progress and to aid athletes to stick to a tailored and detailed recovery schedule.

UX Research
UX/UI Design
Improving the physio to athlete communication for effective recovery

Other projects I've completed

Incorporating the 'Confirmation of Payee' security feature into the payments journey.

Updating the payment logs UI within the mobile app.

Redesigning the 'Pay a Contact' feature within the mobile app.

UX Design
UI Design

Freelance Projects

Web Design

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